The Total Pipeline Solution

Fundraising will always be a relationship business. Although major gifts require sitting in a prospect's living room or office to ask for a gift, the process around this interaction is immensely scalable. From developing the base of support, to identifying which living rooms and offices to visit, our services can bring efficiency and increased production to programs of all sizes.


BWF Insight services are designed to find you the best prospects for your existing talent pool, determine where you should focus your resources, help you understand which activities actually cause successful outcomes, and structure your program based on the true potential of your constituency.

Let us take it from here.

As the leader in consulting for prospect development, analytics, and digital, BWF Insight uniquely provides The Total Pipeline Solution

Ready to invest in a major gift program, but don’t know where to start? Have major gift officers, but lack of good prospects?


Because BWF Insight is the most comprehensive prospect development consulting firm in the market place, BWF Insight can:

  • do it all for you

  • build it all for you

  • fix anything that needs fixing  

BWF Insight meets all of the underlying infrastructure needs of a sustainable modern fundraising program. BWF Insight can lead you through the entire pipeline or simply partner in your areas of greatest need. As an industry pioneer in prospect development, analytics, and digital, BWF Insight is your ideal partner.

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