Nonprofit International

Nonprofit International is a unique offering for nonprofits looking to build major and principal giving.  Sectors such as higher education, academic medicine, and select cultural organizations have long focused on the top of the pyramid, while many others depend on smaller gifts or grants. 


In the past decade of post-recession financial recovery, we’ve seen a noticeable trend in affluent giving while middle class giving and traditional grant sources have waned.  Because of this shift, nonprofits in other sectors have needed to build diversified revenue approaches.

To build a major gift program, it is necessary to do more than simply hire major gift officers.  Successful programs have systems for prospect identification, activity management methods, branding in the high net worth communities, and organized donor relations programs. See our recent whitepaper on building a successful major gift program.   Nonprofit International, a service of BWF’s division focused on organizational structures, design, and supporting services exists to meet this very need. 


If this is the defining moment for your nonprofit, contact us today to build a truly transformational and comprehensive major gift program.



Major Gift Program Road Map
  • Data analysis of constituency potential and capacity

  • Staff growth analysis

  • Review of existing programs and program gaps

  • Forecasts with simulated drivers

  • Roadmap report with actionable implementation steps

  • Build, enhance, or outsource a flowing prospecting system

Market Expansion
  • Communications evaluation

  • Donor Study

  • Action plan for marketing to high net worth constituents

  • Affinity-based prospect research

Targeted Services
  • Build, enhance, or outsource any of the supporting infrastructure components of your major gift program

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