At BWF Insight, we take pride in truly custom engineering each analytics solution from the data we receive from you. 
Recognizing that each organization has its own unique configuration of constituencies, mission, history, and data, we design the optimal solutions based on what your data tells us rather than applying an arbitrary template or formula onto your data.
Whether you're looking for predictive modeling, dynamic scoring, machine learning, AI, or diagnostics –
BWF Insight is your ideal partner.


Insight Analysis

Using data to assess fundraising capacity of your database and levels of engagement, discover underlying drivers of program success, and provide campaign projections and simulations outlining future production potential. 


Predictive modeling, engagement scoring, and capacity scoring for identifying top prospects and segmenting direct response, and providing focus to all fundraising and engagement efforts.  

Portfolio Optimization 

Threshold-based portfolio clean-up with hands-on management techniques to be sure the best names are getting attention.

Donor Relations Analysis

Measuring the impact of donor relations efforts on key donor engagement outcomes by a comparative analysis isolating donor retention and stewardship activities.

Staffing Assessment and Deployment 

Assess areas for philanthropic need and growth, providing recommendations for optimal geographic and regional deployment aligned with strategic objectives.

Performance Metrics

Agile production-driver method to determine measurable distinctions for production and performance evaluation, Performance Metric Analysis will also calibrate confounding factors and unintended consequences.

Persona Clustering

Analysis of natural “clusters”, or segments, in your database which will uncover the unique traits within your population that are not qualitatively obvious but are impactful drivers to key engagement and philanthropic outcomes.

Source and Journey Analysis

Explore all available acquisition channels unique to you, and evaluating the relative effectiveness of developing major and principal gift donors, retention, donor lifetime value, and loyalty through them.

Forecasting and Goal-Setting

Predicting potential fundraising outcomes based on your historical data as well as the key drivers affecting those outcomes. 

Corporate and Foundation Prospecting

A variety of data acquisition and scoring methodologies to quantify and prioritize non-individual constituents.

Managed Services


Virtual staffing solutions  to give you your own  analytics program. 

The most effective analysts have a balance of statistical aptitude, program understanding, and spirit of discovery. True understanding of a program is best found in the people working with the constituents every day.  This is why everything we do, we also teach.  


But, you may not have the budget or the time to devote internal resources for the many analytics needs and opportunities you face. For these situations, BWF Insight offers a Full-Service Solution.


For less than half the price of a full-time analyst, BWF Insight professionals can provide the deliverables equivalent of that same analyst. We will provide a full suite of predictive models, perhaps for different programs or subgroups (colleges of a university, funding priorities, medical disciplines, markets, etc.).  We will provide quantitative studies such as our Analysis, Portfolio, and Performance Metrics. And, we will come onsite for those important meetings. 





The assessment of  internal data science will assess whether current analytics capabilities are able to support current and future fundraising goals. This will include a review of structure, size, deployment, tools, technical capabilities, and effective analytics integration with fundraisers and prospect development. 


BWF analysts can train your team in a number of programs, languages, and skills. We recommend a comprehensive training focused on using SPSS for dat and predictive modeling. We can train both beginners and advanced personnel in techniques and integration.  

Program Development

A strong, integrated, and supported data science program is essential to the health of pipeline, creating effective goals, and increasing fundraising objectives. BWF consultants can provide counsel to help introduce data science in an impactful, strategic, and digestible way to individuals at every level of the organization.

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